Pelosi falsely claims: ‘We never not said there was a crisis’ at U.S.-Mexico Border — Video

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    Forgive her for the mangled syntax, but English is clearly not her first language. That being said, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that “we never not said there was a crisis” is a bald-faced lie no matter how you parse it.

    Pelosi told the whopper during her weekly press conference in the Capitol Visitor Center on Wednesday, using the occasion to throw a little shade on the president for fomenting the crisis:

    Well, let me just say this. We have never not said that there was a crisis — there is a humanitarian crisis at the border, and some of it provoked by the actions taken by the administration.

    What is happening at the border is tragic and we hope to address some of that in the disaster supplemental. And we understand our responsibility to secure our border.

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    What’s happening at the border is more than just tragic. The hordes of migrants who are now effectively storming the border on a daily basis pose a distinct threat to the security of our nation.

    As for Pelosi’s claim that “we never not said”

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