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Published: January 5, 2019

Philadelphia Teenager Charged With Murder After Baby Found in Trash


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PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia teenager has been charged with murder after allegedly leaving her newborn baby for dead in the trash on New Year’s Eve.

According to reports, a friend of Jani Morris, 15, told her mother what had occurred, and the woman hurried to locate the child. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that neighbor Diane Byrd saw the woman frantically calling out for help as she searched through garbage bags on the street.

She hurried over when the woman screamed after she located the child, who had been wrapped in shopping bags and then placed in a garbage bag.

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” Byrd exclaimed.

Others came out into the street to see what was happening.

“She was screaming,” Byrd recalled. “And then she put the baby in the backseat of her car.”

After attempts to call police were unsuccessful, the woman took off in her car to find the closest police station. She found officers just three blocks away.

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The baby was transported to Temple University Hospital, but was pronounced dead.

“If she didn’t want the baby, she could’ve put it up for adoption. There’s other things that she can do,” neighbor Gina Finiello told CBS Philadelphia.

“It’s hurtful, that’s what it is. Very hurtful,” neighbor Dawn Jackson told WPVI-TV. “Maybe she was scared and didn’t know what to do.”

Pennsylvania has a safe haven law in place that allows mothers to surrender their

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