Phoenix Police Department Arrest, Jail Abortionist for Pointing Gun at Sidewalk Counselor

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    The City of Phoenix Police Department has just announced that they have arrested and jailed abortionist Ronald Yunis for aggravated assault following a recorded incident earlier this month when he pulled and pointed a gun at a sidewalk counselor from his vehicle.

    The arrest follows a video that was taken by Elvis Kesto—a sidewalk counselor who was outside of the killing facility, and who was the target of the gun pointing—shows Ronald Yunis briefly aiming the firearm at Kesto while he was pulling out of the Acacia Women’s Center where Yunis reportedly does abortions.

    In the video, Kesto can be heard stating, “Dude, you’re a coward, you’re a coward” as Yunis’ car passed by him as he held the gun up. Kesto soon recognized that it was a firearm and began to alert others who were present in the area, and subsequently contacted police to report the incident.

    The Facebook post from the Phoenix Police Department that was made today (Oct. 18) reads:

    “We have received many inquires regarding an incident that happened on October 10th outside a Phoenix medical office, where a man claimed a doctor pulling out of the facility pointed a gun at him.

    Police responded to the incident, gathering evidence, including video recorded by one of the people outside the women’s clinic. The initial report taken by the responding officer was filed that day.

    The suspect was unknown at that point and officers determined that any immediate threat no longer existed as

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