Planned Parenthood Opening ‘Well-Being Centers’ at Los Angeles High Schools, Will Offer Birth Control, Condoms

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    LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County Departments of Public Health and Mental Health, along with Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, plan to open 50 so-called “well-being centers” at high schools throughout the City of Angels this year, making birth control, condoms and other “sexual health needs” available to youth.

    “A high school senior decided recently that she wants to become sexually active with her boyfriend. But she is not yet comfortable talking to her mom about birth control and would be unable to get to a doctor’s appointment on her own. Instead, she walked over to the new well-being center at school during a free period,” reads a recent article from the Los Angeles Times.

    “It was easy. Planned Parenthood runs a sexual healthcare clinic at Esteban Torres High School in East L.A. once a week,” it outlines.

    The school is one of five locations where Planned Parenthood currently has an office, and dozens more are set to be established in the next three years. The Los Angeles Times notes that such centers will make birth control, condoms, contraception, sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and pregnancy tests available to teens.

    It also explains that under California law, children who are older than 12 can obtain these services without their parents’ consent — or knowledge.

    Barbara Ferrer, who leads the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, told the outlet that the county has “one of the highest rates of chlamydia among this age group,” and that she

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