Planned Parenthood President: ‘Our Core Mission Is Providing, Protecting and Expanding Access to Abortion’

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    WASHINGTON — In a tweet on Tuesday, new Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen acknowledged that the organization’s “core mission” is not only providing, but expanding “access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.”

    Wen made her remarks as she took issue with an article published by BuzzFeed with the headline “Planned Parenthood’s New President Wants to Focus on Nonabortion Health Care.” 

    “I am always happy to do interviews, but these headlines completely misconstrue my vision for Planned Parenthood,” Wen wrote in sharing the article to Twitter.

    “First, our core mission is providing, protecting and expanding access to abortion and reproductive healthcare,” she added in a separate tweet. “We will never back down from that fight—it’s a fundamental human right and women’s lives are at stake.”

    Wen wrote a series of other messages, in which she said that Planned Parenthood must fight against the abortion restrictions being passed across the country, and that while the organization would like to find ways to expand its non-abortion offerings to women, “it in no way means we are backing down from fighting for abortion access or from the important political work our advocacy organizations do.”

    BuzzFeed had interviewed Wen for its report, and while the Planned Parenthood president opined that the headline was misleading, it did quote Wen as stating that although she plans to go on a five-month listening tour to consider the possible addition of other services, “The last thing I would want is people to get the

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