Police respond after gay activist calls for protest at home of pro-family politician’s parents

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    ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, January 2, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Police issued a warning to a pro-homosexual activist in St. Catharines, Ontario after he encouraged his followers on Twitter to protest at the home of the parents of pro-life and pro-family provincial politician Sam Oosterhoff. 

    Rob Gill, a “married” homosexual man, posted the address and phone number of Oosterhoff’s parents on the social media platform, causing Oosterhoff to fear for his parents’ safety. 

    Gill tweeted on December 21, “This Christmas, let’s protest Sam Oosterhoff and his bigot, misogynistic and homophobic personality and upbringing.” He encouraged fellow citizens to “protest at his parents’ home” or “give them a call.”

    LifeSiteNews sent a message to Gill on Twitter asking for comment but did not receive a response as of Wednesday.

    According to the National Post, Gill has no regrets about the Twitter post. It was the police, not himself, he said, who were excessive by reaching out to him at his home. Gill deleted the post but later told media that he regrets taking it down.

    In a previous December tweet, Gill wrote that he was hoping to “bring a big gay pride protest” to Oosterhoff’s office and family events. The threat came after Oosterhoff,

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