Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Support Legal Abortions Matching 24-Year High

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    Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Support Legal Abortions Matching 24-Year High

    According to a new poll from ABC News/Washington Post, 60% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases, the highest percentage since 1995.

    The biggest change the polling found was an uptick by 11 percentage points for Americans who believe abortion should be legal “in all cases” to 27%. 

    The remaining supporters, 36%, believe abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, which has come down from 45% since 2010.

    For those who do not adhere to any religion, 85% support abortion access while 37% of non-evangelical Protestants do not. Seventy-one percent of non-evangelical Protestants and 52% of Catholics agree that abortion should be made legal.

    Strong conservatives (58%), evangelical Protestants (44%) and Republicans (40%) believe states should make abortion access more difficult. Meanwhile, those with no religion (58%), liberals (57%) and Democrats (50%) think access should be easier.

    A large majority of pollers believe abortion should either be easier or kept at the status quo on the state-level with 73%. Last summer, 30% of pollers wanted to see the Supreme Court make it harder to get an abortion. Current statistics show a decrease with only 24% now wanting abortion access to be more difficult.

    When looking at groups of people, the majority of Democrats and independents support legal abortion. Only 41% of Republicans and 38% of conservatives support it. However, 56% of liberal women would like to

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