‘Pompous twit’ AOC Demonstrates Lack of Intelligence With ‘Fix’ for Student Loan Debt

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    (True Conservative Pundit) This writer used to think one of the dumbest politicians ever to draw breath was Nancy no-mind Pelosi.  I have officially changed my mind.  The dumbest (there is a lot of competition out there) individual in all of Congress has got to be Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the newly-elected Democrat Socialist dubbed a “pompous little twit” by a Greenpeace co-founder.  This is no joke, and I am not trying to be funny. AOC’s ideas are not only ignorant and stupid quite often, but they are also dangerous.

    Recently, Lyle Rapacki brought us the news that AOC is in effect a created socialist plant, a “made woman” if you will, in the context that a certain group(s) of people were looking for the perfect candidate to front.

    Well, my question is: Couldn’t these people have found someone out of the thousands of people that applied to be this new candidate; someone who possesses even a small amount of intelligence?

    AOC is the N.Y. Congressional Rep. who majored in economics; she must have slept through class.

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    This same economics major thinks

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