Popular Catholic Worship Artist Audrey Assad ‘Celebrates’ Pride Month in Tweet

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    Popular Catholic singer Audrey Assad, known for songs such as “Restless,” “For Love of You” and “Even Unto Death,” as well as a number of hymn renditions, recently tweeted in recognition of Pride Month, stating that she loves and celebrates her homosexual friends.

    “Happy #Pride month. I love and celebrate you,” she posted on June 16, with four rainbows following.

    The tweet generated much discussion among her followers, some of whom supported the comment and others who were disappointed by it.

    “Audrey, thank you! The Spirit is calling the Church toward love, compassion, and inclusion. Thank you for heeding Her call,” one commenter wrote.

    “I love you so much, Audrey. It’s incredible to have other Christians support/be allies for the LGBTQ+ community,” another stated.

    “How very distressing this tweet is to me, Audrey, since I have been a huge fan for many years,” a third shared. “Love and kindness do not require celebrating sexual sin. We should never take pride in contradicting the truth of marriage and God’s design for the human person. Male and female.”

    “This is misplaced, false charity. Charity without truth is not charity at all. We must love and respect every human person. Transgenderism and homosexuality are gravely disordered and contrary to both natural and Divine law. Please take this to honest prayer. Lord, have mercy,” another lamented.

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    Assad responded the following day with another post, stating that she

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