President Trump, First Lady Receive Warm Welcome at College Football Playoff National Championship Game

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    President Trump, First Lady Receive Warm Welcome at College Football Playoff National Championship Game

    President Trump enjoyed an extremely warm welcome when he showed up at the College Football Playoff National Championship game in New Orleans Monday night. Arriving at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, the power couple was met with rapturous applause, a standing ovation and relentless chants of “USA!”

    It wasn’t all positive, however. True to form, many liberals bemoaned the sight of actor Vince Vaughn shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries with President Trump and his wife. “I always knew he was Republican but this, so gross,” one Twitter user lamented. Another added that they were “just profoundly disappointed” by the interaction, which was caught on camera.

    The absurdity of the situation was commentated on by Jim Daly at Fox News, who noted that many of the proponents of today’s corrosive “cancel culture” trend consider Trump “such a pariah that they even suggested Vaughn’s acting career should be effectively over for deigning to even talk with him.”

    Also at the game, was acclaimed Christian recording artist and Louisiana native, Lauren Daigle. As Christian Headlines previously reported, Daigle performed a stunning rendition of “Star-Spangled Banner” which was quickly met with praise on Twitter.

    Fixer Upper star Chip Gaines praised Daigle tweeting, “THE Lauren Daigle!!  Ladies and gentlemen!!!”

    Auburn Tigers Assistant Coach Steven Pearl echoed Gaines’ praise writing, “Yo, Lauren Daigle … I HEAR YOU!! If the game

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