President Trump: North Korea Summit Back On

    Updated: June 2, 2018 at 10:44 pm EST  See Comments

    President Trump met with reporters on Friday after a meeting with a North Korean top diplomat, in which he announced that the historic June 12th, 2018 Summit with Kim Jung Un of North Korea is back on.

    Reportedly, Trump is hoping to curtail North Korean’s nuclear ability to strike the United States potentially. However, a State Department Official also stated that their intention is ultimately to see North Korea give up all of its nuclear capabilities.

    The reversal followed an Oval Office meeting on Friday afternoon with a high-ranking North Korean envoy who delivered a personal letter from Mr. Kim to Mr. Trump. The envoy, Kim Yong-Chol, the former North Korean intelligence chief and top nuclear arms negotiator, became the first North Korean official to set foot in the White House since 2000 and only the second ever to meet with a sitting American president.

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