Printing Co. Refuses To Print Art Depicting Trump In A Positive Light — Here’s Their Alleged ‘Reason’

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    On December 5th, 2019, I was notified by the staff of the great website,, that Printful, the print on demand company for all of their conservative merchandise, has refused to fulfill orders using my Trump Art because I do not have an ‘appropriate licensing agreement approved by legal representatives of the individual (i.e. Donald Trump).’

    So, according to them, because President Trump hasn’t given me the personal green light for my epic depictions of him in various comedic and awesome situations they’re now verboten by Printful?

    If anyone can reach the President for me, I’d love to get his permission! But, I’m a guessin’ the snowflakes over at Printful still wouldn’t print them.

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    I wonder if the head honchos over at Printful have ever heard of The Fair Use Clause when it comes to the use of someone’s image in artwork?

    I also find their claims a smidge specious and slathered generously with stercore tauri because their ‘rules’ seem not to apply to everyone. For instance, there are several conservative online stores that use Printful services that have a ton of Trump merchandise using his name and likeness and

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