Red Hot ‘Black Friday’ sales as Washington CCW Soars

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    USA Today reported that “Black Friday” background checks associated with firearm sales topped 200,000, which amounted to an 11 percent increase over last year and was close to the record set in 2017.

    While the Supreme Court is considering a challenge to a New York handgun law, Black Friday gun sales appear to have been red hot.

    While not every background check initiated constitutes a completed transaction, suffice to say that business was brisk for gun dealers. The newspaper said the FBI “posted 202,465 checks Friday.” The Tribunist said enough guns were sold on Black Friday in 2016 and 2017 to outfit the Marine Corps.

    By no small coincidence this revelation came within a few hours of a report from the Washington state Department of Licensing that shows concealed carry is spiking upwards. In November, according to the report, the agency recorded 6,734 additional active licenses over the end of October. As of Monday, the Evergreen State has 645,373 active CPLs and at the end of October, there were 638,639 active licenses.

    That’s something worth watching all over the country because it indicates increasing numbers of Washington residents are “arming up.” So far this year, Washington has added 36,913 CPLs,

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