‘Reproductive Justice’? NY Governor Cuomo, Hillary Clinton Push for Passage of State Abortion Bill

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    MANHATTAN, N.Y. — Liberal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and former New York Senator Hillary Clinton spoke on Monday at an event in which they called for the passage of a bill that some note would not only codify Roe v. Wade into state law, but would also expand the availability of abortion to late-term cases considered “necessary to protect the [mother’s] health” or when the baby is deemed nonviable.

    “Today, … we mark the beginning of a new chapter in the fight for reproductive justice,” Clinton told those gathered at Barnard College in Manhattan, standing behind a podium that read “Reproductive Justice: No Time to Wait.” “A chance not only to defend hard-fought rights, but to actually move forward with legislation such as the Comprehensive Contraception Care Act and the Reproductive Health Act.”

    Speaking for approximately eight minutes, the former presidential candidate asserted that access to contraception and abortion is a matter of women’s equality.

    “[T]he struggle for women’s equality is not simply something to be read about in the pages of your history books. It continues to be the fight of our lifetime,” she said. “Women’s ability to get basic healthcare, our right to make the most deeply personal decisions, is facing the most significant threats in recent memory.”

    “Yes, it is an economic issue, but more than that, it’s an issue of fairness, equality, justice and opportunity. I fiercely believe, as I said more than two decades ago, that human rights are women’s

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