Restaurant to Pay $7K in Penalties, Legal Costs After Employee Tells Man Not to Use Women’s Restroom

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    WASHINGTON — A restaurant in the nation’s capital has agreed to a settlement that includes the payment of $7,000 in penalties and legal costs after the attorney general of Washington, D.C. found the eatery guilty of discrimination against a man who identifies as a woman.

    According to a press release from the office of D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine, the Cuba Libra Restaurant has agreed to allow patrons to use the restaurant that corresponds to their “gender identity or expression,” will “institute policies and employee training to ensure compliance with the District’s non-discrimination laws,” and will pay $7,000 over the matter.

    The situation occurred in June when a man who identifies as a woman, who goes by the name Charlotte Clymer, sought to use the women’s restroom, but was stopped by an employee, who asked to see his identification. Clymer used the women’s restroom, but was advised again afterward that he needed to use the restroom that corresponded with his legal identification.

    The incident was reported in the media, and the District of Columbia launched an investigation. Cuba Libre was found to have violated the district’s Human Rights Act, which states that it is unlawful to “deny directly or indirectly, any person the full and equal enjoyment of goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages and accommodations of any place of public accommodations.”

    Cuba Libre also conducted an internal investigation and fired the employee involved. It additionally adopted a policy about the matter, and made a donation to a

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