Resurrection: Turning Your Eyes Away from Circumstances to Find Hope

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    If you are like me, living in the news is frequently depressing. While once in a while there are good stories, mostly there is bad news. So how do we cope with all of it?

    Anger? Oh, yeah there’s a lot of anger. I get so mad sometimes that I have to literally walk away from the computer and go with my husband to do something fun. I’d often like to bless them with a brick upside the head, but sorry, that’s illegal. Darn it.

    At any rate, people can anger us to the maximum. Circumstances can drag us into the pit very easily and make us feel like there is no hope. So how can we fix that? Should we just blithely go our way and ignore the mess America is in?

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    That’s not the answer either. But there is a remedy. Atheists will tell you that Jesus never existed. Muslims say He was just a plain ordinary prophet. Many religions refuse to believe He is the Son of the Living God. But on this Easter Sunday, I challenge all of

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