Rhode Island Anti-Gun Proposals

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    The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee held hearings on a number of gun laws on Tuesday, and they did so with a full house on both sides of the issue, according to local media WPRI. But those bills could affect legal gun owners in Rhode Island, and those who attempt to purchase guns in the future, so let’s have a look:

    Second amendment supporters wore yellow t-shirts One bill raises the legal age to purchase a gun to 21. One bill prohibits large capacity magazines. One is a ban on “assault rifles.” Oh but there’s a “Grandfather clause” they tell us. Another bans 3D printed guns.

    “It’s not a complete ban on any type of assault weapon because people who already own them will be grandfathered in. So it just reduces the number and access of what essentially is a dangerous item.” David Leach, Providence, RI.

    First off, the “assault weapon” rhetoric clues you in that this guy is not on your side. And where have you heard that line before? If you like it you can keep it. Why do we view that with reasonable amounts of suspicion? Democrat hocus pocus. ‘Oh, everything

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