Romania and Honduras Announce They Are Moving Their Embassies in Israel to Jerusalem

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    Romania and Honduras Announce They Are Moving Their Embassies in Israel to Jerusalem

    Romanian and Honduran officials announced on Sunday that they would be moving their Israeli embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    According to The Times of Israel, Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă announced at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference that she – taking cues from the United States – would be moving the Romanian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. 

    As Dăncilă stood on stage at the AIPAC conference she noted the longevity of the relationship between Israel and Romania saying, “Last year, Romania celebrated 70 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations with the State of Israel.” 

    “This is an undeniable historical and diplomatic fact,” she added.

    Dăncilă also emphasized Romania’s commitment to protecting “the continued peace dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians” as well as her commitment – as the president of the council of the European Union – to forge closer relationships between Israel and the rest of the EU.

     Dăncilă then announced the big move, saying that like Donald Trump moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, so would she. 

    The Prime Minister said, “As we all know, President Donald Trump opened the Embassy of the United States in Jerusalem. This admirable and brave step impressed me, my government and the Romanian people.”

    She continued, “Moving the American embassy is emblematic and it proves the powerful connection of values and interests between the American people and the Israeli people.”

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