Sabotage with an ISIS Twist

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    An American Airlines mechanic was charged in July with sabotage. He was supposedly just a pissed off guy who was angry about working conditions and union issues. When we first saw the story, we took note of the incident and waited for the investigation to come full circle. Investigators learned that he has an ISIS connection.

    Screenshot of court artist’s rendering of Alani’s first appearance and criminal complaint

    Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, was charged with one count of sabotage after he claimed that he disabled the airplane to get overtime hours in his paycheck. He is a naturalized citizen from Iraq. He was due to be arraigned on Friday, September 20.


    On July 17, an American airlines flight carrying 150 passengers from Miami to Nassau was halted by the pilot when a warning light came on as they were still on the runway. The pilot grounded the flight and passengers were transferred to another plane to continue their journey. No one was injured.

    Your Tango noted,

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    When crew checked the affected components, they discovered that a piece of foam had

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