SAF: ‘Shootings show California gun control laws have failed’

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    Two high-profile shootings that took six lives in California over the past few days, including the incident at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, provide more proof that California’s extremist gun control laws have failed, according to one of the nation’s leading Second Amendment organizations.

    SAF’s Alan Gottlieb says California gun control law have failed…again. (Dave Workman)

    The Second Amendment Foundation expressed criticism in a prepared statement Tuesday for “anti-gun Democrats” who moved swiftly to exploit the school shooting to push for “universal background checks” when it wasn’t clear about the shooter’s identity and other details were still being investigated. As it turned out, the killer was a teen who left no diary or manifesto, and could not legally purchase a handgun, so background checks had nothing to do with the crime. But, according to critics like SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, facts don’t matter to the gun control crowd.

    “What Thursday’s tragic school shooting really shows is the callousness of gun control fanatics who quickly dusted off their same old agenda knowing it has nothing to do with the circumstances of the Saugus incident,” Gottlieb said. “And now we’ve got four new victims in Fresno,

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