Satanic Temple Trucks in Baphomet Statue for Event Calling for Equality After Ten Commandments Installed at Arkansas Capitol

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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The group known as The Satanic Temple temporarily unveiled its goat-headed Baphomet statue during a rally outside of the Arkansas capitol building on Thursday in calling for equal representation in light of the installment of a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds.

    Supporters cheered as the covering was removed from the homage to Satan, which was tied to a flatbed trailer—trucked in to make a statement about pluralism and equality during the two-hour event. The eight-foot bronze image features the goat-headed figure Baphomet making the sign for the occult as he sits upon a throne with a pentagram overhead. Children flank both sides, fixing their eyes upon him.

    “We do not bring Baphomet here in hopes of replacing the Ten Commandments monument. It is not the purpose of our monument or our efforts to erect this monument to impugn or silence the beliefs of others,” Satanic Temple Co-Founder Doug Messner, who goes by the name Lucien Greaves, said at the “Rally for the First Amendment.”

    “Despite what you have probably heard, the truth is The Satanic Temple never asked for the Ten Commandments monument be taken down, nor do we ask that Baphomet be erected to the exclusion of any other monuments of religious significance,” he told those gathered. “In fact, from the beginning we were clear: We only want our monument on public grounds where other monuments are pre-existing.”

    “We have as little interest in forcing our beliefs and symbols on you

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