Seattle in ‘Top 10’ cities to begin career…except maybe in law enforcement

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    The on-line Seattle reported this week about a study showing that Seattle is among the best cities “to start your career in,” but that might not apply for anyone looking to pin on a badge.

    Seattle Police take down a suspect in a multiple shooting incident in April. (YouTube, KING)

    That is the strong impression one gets by reading a report from KUOW that details the reasons why police officers are leaving the Seattle Police Department. The station obtained copies of exit interviews via a public records act request, and some of them aren’t terribly flattering.

    On the other hand, there were some comments about good training, professionalism, a willingness to come back; all things that should not be discounted.

    Wading in with an opinion about this is Dori Monson, popular mid-day talk host at KIRO-FM. His take at is blunt: “Cops just want out of Seattle. I don’t blame them. We’ve seen how disrespected they are.”

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    Monson took a swing at Socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, who recently offered a solution to drive-by shootings: Install raised flower beds and speed bumps in

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