Seattle stabbing suspect had ‘at least’ 22 arrests, 33 court cases: report

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    The man suspected of launching a violent triple-stabbing on a downtown Seattle, Washington street in broad daylight Tuesday reportedly had 22 arrests since graduating from high school in 2008, and has been involved in 33 different court cases dating back to 2009, according to

    This is an image of the folding knife allegedly used in a triple daylight stabbing Tuesday in downtown Seattle. (Seattle Police photo)

    Twenty-nine-year-old Christopher Russell Morisette is now in custody in the King County jail, facing criminal charges in the stabbing of three men, two of whom were hospitalized in serious condition. One 77-year-old victim was stabbed in the neck, a 79-year-old man was stabbed in the back and a 55-year-old man was stabbed in the forearm. The weapon was a folding sidelock knife, pictured in a Seattle Police Department report.

    Ironically, Seattle is the headquarters of a billionaire-backed gun prohibition lobbying organization, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. This group has bankrolled two gun control initiatives in the past few years that have ratcheted down on the rights of law-abiding Washington State gun owners, including one that requires so-called “universal background checks” and another, passed last year, that raises the minimum age for purchasing semiautomatic

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