Senator Kamala Harris Takes Aim at Vice President Pence for Following ‘Billy Graham Rule’

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    Senator Kamala Harris Takes Aim at Vice President Pence for Following ‘Billy Graham Rule’

    Women who have worked with Vice President Mike Pence are defending him after Democratic Senator and Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris attacked him over his stance on LGBT issues and for refusing to meet one on one with any woman other than his wife. Her comments came during an appearance on MSNBC in which Peter Alexander asked her what she thought about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s statement that Mike Pence is not an honorable man.

    I disagree with most of what the Vice President stands for when he makes decisions about our LGBTQ community in a way that doesn’t understand that they should be entitled to full equality and all rights under the law as any other American,” she said. Then she added, “I disagree with him when he suggests that it’s not possible to have meetings alone with women by himself. I think that’s ridiculous, the idea that you would deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting with the Vice President of the United States is outrageous.” 

    Pence described his policy in a 2002 interview and said he followed the practices to “build a zone around your marriage.” He said if he needed an aide to help him after hours, it must be a man, he would not dine alone with another woman, and he would not attend an event where alcohol was being served unless he was

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