Sharing Memes Causes Man to be Red Flagged

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    How many of us have a “dark” sense of humor? One Connecticut man, Brandon Wagshol, was “red flagged” after he shared a boogaloo meme and talked about buying gun parts online from out of state. Someone viewed it as threatening. Sharing memes is part of what caused him to end up in jail.

    Photo via Norwalk Police

    Wagshol’s sharing of memes and talk of purchasing gun parts – without making any threats, by the way- got the attention of someone who reported him to police. He is now under arrest on a $250,000 bond that can only be posted AFTER his hearing on September 6.

    “What I understand is that he didn’t make any comments on Facebook, but there may have been other memes, as they call them, that he might have reposted.” Attorney Darnell Crosland

    The article said his posts were “alarming.” He shared a “boogaloo” meme. Those of you who know what those are understand that they are extremely dark in their “humor.” He denies any desire to commit a mass shooting.

    “Boogaloo” – a slang term for shit-hits-the-fan, or government gone bad and they’re coming for you, time to fight back. Boogaloo toys refers

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