Struggle Is Real For U.S. Farmers Right Now

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    Banks are Denying Loans to Many of These Ranchers and Farmers, Meanwhile, money is flowing like wine on Wall Street thanks to the Federal Reserve….

    Banks are running out of time to regain public trust,#TheStruggleIsReal is easily found on social media these days. And this perfectly applies to US farmers right now. Bad harvest for U.S. farmers in North Dakota. Picture via BBC

    By Marc Huso, AG Week. I’m certain no other industry can share in that more than the farmers that continue the 2019 harvest. Last month, I shared about the heavy snow much of our region received. Now we deal with the effects, and all are negative.

    Before and after

    Prior to the snow, our area of northeast North Dakota was looking at a good edible bean harvest.

    Pinto beans were averaging anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 pounds per acre. After the snow, many yields are 1,000 to 1,800 pounds per acre.

    Soybeans were also doing well before the snow with yields above 40 and some even 50 bushels. After the snow, with many beans lodged from the storm, snowbanks built up, and water/ice ponding kept yields around 30 bushels and some below that.

    Canola has also seen significant yield hits after the snow with plants laying flat on the ground now increasing harvest loss and greatly slowing down harvest efficiency.

    Sunflowers that have had to stay in the field are suffering now from sclerotinia head rot. Yields are 50% of what the potential looked like.

    Crops are still in the field

    We are soil sampling

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