Students Claim Parkland Teacher Likened Pro Second Amendment Student Kyle Kashuv to Hitler in Class

    Updated: April 26, 2018 at 9:40 am EST  See Comments

    Kyle Kashuv is a survivor of the mass school shooting that sparked a national debate about gun control. Kyle is a pro-second Amendment advocate and has voiced his opinions about the matter broadly.

    However, a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Schools has likened Kyle to Hitler because of his belief in the Second Amendment. Greg Pittman, a history teacher at the school, according to two students who witnessed the endeavor, allegedly stated that ‘{Kyle} is the next Hitler.’

    Regardless of Kyle’s belief’s the fact that a teacher labeled Mr. Kashuv as the next Hitler is outrageous and absurd, the School’s Administration has yet to address the matter.

    According to the Daily Wire, and a classmate of Kyle Kashuv;

    I was in class on April 25th with Gregory Pittman and near the end of class the discussion led to Kyle Kashuv’s tweet about going to the gun range. Pittman expressed that he could not speak badly about Kyle because he was specifically told by administration not to. Pittman began talking about what an ass Kyle was and called him “the next Hitler” and said that he was “dangerous” and something needed to be done about him.

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