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Published: October 6, 2017

Supreme Court refuses to hear case of surrogate mom who refused abortion


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Fr. Mark Hodges

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The Supreme Court refused to hear a surrogacy case where the mother/surrogate was pressured to abort a triplet but refused, exemplifying what pro-lifers say is wrong with the surrogacy industry.

When Chester Moore Jr. found that his hired surrogate, Melissa Cook, was carrying three babies, he decided he couldn’t afford to raise three and told her to abort one. Cook responded, “I am pro-life and I’m not having an abortion.”  

Cook, who had anonymous donor eggs fertilized by Moore’s sperm implanted in her womb, gave birth in California to all three in February 2016, and all three went to Moore — even though Cook wanted the third baby and Moore didn’t.

The dispute ballooned with Cook’s concerns about Moore’s fitness as a father. Moore, 51, is deaf and mute and living with his invalid parents in a cigarette smoke-filled Georgia house. Furthermore, well after the children were born, Moore’s sister, Melinda, testified that her brother is incapable of properly caring for them and that the three newborns are living in a decrepit basement.  

The sister revealed in her affidavit that a few years ago

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