Taliban Freed US, Australia Hostages

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    The Taliban freed two hostages that were kidnapped at gunpoint in August of 2016 — Tim Weeks, Australia, 50, and Kevin King, 63, US.  Both were professors at the American University in Kabul, Afghanistan at the time of their kidnapping. The Afghan government released three Taliban members in the prisoner swap. (Reuters)

    Screenshot via Taliban video 2017

    When Weeks and King were taken, the school reopened a couple of days later. It was only a few days afterwards in August 2016 that the American University was seriously attacked.

    The Afghan government is hoping that the release of the Taliban prisoners will ‘build confidence’ enough to restart the peace talks. But the Taliban has previously refused to meet directly with Afghanistan’s government, calling it a US puppet. The prisoner swap was orchestrated by the US envoy that has been meeting with the Taliban, Zalmay Khalilzad, and reportedly the Pakistan government.

    Both King and Weeks were with American Forces after their release, and being debriefed. King was said to need medical attention, which he is receiving. They will be flown home soon. King is from Pennsylvania and Weeks is from New South Wales.

    The released Taliban

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