TBS Show ‘Miracle Workers’ Depicts God as Uncaring Figure Who Makes Bet to Stop Him From Blowing Up Earth

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    Concerns are being raised over a blasphemous new television show called “Miracle Workers” that depicts God as a bumbling, Michelob-guzzling, uncaring figure who decides to blow up Earth, and is faced with a bet from a female worker that if she can answer just single prayer marked “impossible” that he must spare the world. The prayer ends up being the task of helping a man and woman fall in love, and the divine asserts that in order for the bet to count, the man and woman must have “full sex.”

    “Can we truly know and love the Lord and not be appalled when His good name is dragged through the mud and unbelievers are turned away from Him via the wicked caricatures done by the God haters in Hollywood?” Joe Schimmel, pastor of Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, California and host of the documentary “Hollywood’s War on God,” writes in a post on the show, which debuted Feb. 12.

    “If my wife, children or friends were mocked and derided in such a way, I would be heartbroken. I certainly wouldn’t watch it for entertainment!” he exclaimed. “How much more heartbroken should we be when our Creator and Redeemer is mocked and blasphemed?”

    The show, which began airing last month on TBS, is based on the Simon Rich book “What in God’s Name,” and features actor Steve Buscemi as god (“Hotel Transylvania,” “The Boss Baby,” “The Sopranos”), as well as Daniel Radcliffe (“Harry Potter” series) as an angel named

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