Teachers Arrested Every Day for Sex Crimes With School Children, Page Three!

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    Child Sex abuse by teachers, we live in a world marred by sin. Often, those who molest children have themselves been molested. They may have been hurt in some other way as well and choose to victimize children in an attempt to regain a sense of power or worthiness. Many times, sexual abuse is a misguided attempt to find intimacy. Whatever the emotional, familial, or psychological history of the molester, sexual abuse is evil.

    Prosecute the pedophile teachers … teacher arrested for child abuse As-it-happens update ⋅ May 21, 2019 NEWS Murder guilty pleas, sex assaults head list of notable crimes Jacob A. Johnson (right), 25, of Sun Prairie, and Drew D. Luber, 21, of …. teacher who was charged last week with child abuse after he was accused of … Strong will needed in coming forward The Borneo Post Works Minister Baru Bian said the recent arrest of a Lawas primary school teacher for allegedly molesting and sodomising five former pupils would not …

    StevieRay Hansen

    It is impossible to find anyone in the Bible who was a power for God who did not have enemies and was not hated.

    Like Joseph and Daniel of the Old Testament who served secular kings, we are called to serve everyone and help them fulfill their divine destiny. Jesus made it clear that people who

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