Ten Commandments Plaque ‘No Longer on Display’ at Ohio Middle School Following Complaint

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    NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio — Although in disagreement, a public school district in Ohio has removed a Ten Commandments plaque from the walls of a middle school following a complaint letter from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

    “In speaking with the district, it is my understanding that the plaque has been taken down and is no longer on display on district property,” wrote attorney Brian DeSantis, representing the New Philadelphia City School District, on June 19.

    However, the district also said in a statement that it is does not appreciate how FFRF handled the matter, nor does it agree with the organization’s assertions as the district rather views the plaque as a historical piece within the school.

    “Rather than meeting with the district to begin a dialogue, FFRF sent a letter from its office in Wisconsin and then used the local media to further the issue,” Superintendent David Brand told The Times-Reporter.

    “Since receiving the letter, the district has gathered more information, listened to interested community members, and reviewed its options. As background, the plaque was a gift from the Class of 1926 to the district in 1927,” he outlined. “To the best of its knowledge, the district believes the plaque has been displayed in the district ever since.”

    Brand said that as the plaque has been on display for more than 90 years, it is considered “part of the tradition and history of New Philadelphia City Schools.” However, he feels that Supreme Court precedent would

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