Tens of Thousands Gather for Pro-Life March after Northern Ireland Forced to Enact British Abortion Law

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    Tens of Thousands Gather for Pro-Life March after Northern Ireland Forced to Enact British Abortion Law

    Last week, nearly 20,000 pro-life supporters rallied to the steps of Northern Ireland’s government buildings in protest of recent abortion legislation, as reported by Faithwire.

    The law, enacted by the British Parliament, orders Northern Ireland to fall under the UK’s abortion laws. Currently, abortion is nearly illegal in the country with exceptions only granted for extreme cases to save the life of the mother. In 2016-2017, only 13 abortions occurred in Northern Ireland, according to FaithWire. Meanwhile, nearly 200,000 abortions were carried out in England and Wales, where abortions are permitted up to 28 week’s gestation.

    “It was tremendous to see so many uniting to send a clear and powerful message to our politicians that it is time to put differences aside and get the Assembly back up and running,” CARE Northern Ireland Policy Officer, Mark Baillie said.

    The group stood in front of government buildings before walking towards Parliament Buildings where they stood for six minutes in silence.

    The Assembly, Northern Ireland’s government called Stormont, collapsed in 2017 when the former deputy First Minister Martin Mcguiness resigned after accusations of scandal and corruption. No agreement has been set forth since the collapse, prompting Westminster officials to force an abortion law on Northern Ireland if Stormont does not restart and legislate the issue before October 21.

    Angry protestors argued that they were not asked.

    “The decision by Westminster

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