Terrified grandmother sent to all-male prison after she was mistaken as ‘transgender’

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    MIAMI, Florida, December 5, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – With every week seemingly bringing a new batch of disputes over “transgender identity,” it was perhaps only a matter of time before a scandal arose over “assuming the gender” of somebody who isn’t gender-confused.

    Fior Pichardo de Veloz is a 55-year-old attorney who was arrested in November 2013 on old drug charges when flying into Miami for the birth of her granddaughter, the Miami Herald reports. During a medical checkup as part of her booking, nurse Fatu Kamara Harris saw on her records that Pichardo was taking hormone pills, and allegedly assumed she was a man taking them to grow breasts.

    In fact, Pichardo was taking the pills as part of hormone replacement therapy to treat menopause symptoms, and her sex had already been confirmed by the arresting officer as well as a strip search. Pichardo maintained she was a woman, but Dr. Fredesvindo Rodriguez-Garcia allegedly “reclassified” her as male without any further examination or inquiry about her sex or the pills.

    Harris allegedly told the jail officer “everything [i.e., male genitals] fell out” during an exam, but corrections officers Kimberly Jones and Audrey Morman expressed concerns about her assessment. Nevertheless, Harris

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