Texas Jury Rules Against Biological Father Trying to Save Son

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    Texas? This happened in TEXAS? A Texas jury found that a biological father has no right to stop his 7 year old son from being given gender transition drugs (chemical castration), and now forcibly allows his demented mother to  “transition” him to a girl named “Luna.” They also took the boy’s care totally away from the father.

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    The boy has stated he is afraid to tell his mom that he wants to be a boy. The boy has publicly stated that he wants to be a boy when he’s with his father, and only with his mother would he want to be a girl. Which means he simply wants his parents to love him. The jury ruled against the father – which is not just insane, it’s child abuse in the worst way. It should be illegal for a parent to force a sex change on a child. And when a Texas jury rules against the father? Outrageous!

    “Listened to an interview with the father. He says the mother used to lock the boy in his room and tell him there’s a monster who only eats little boys. At three, she started

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