Texas Passes Ten New Laws Loosening Gun Restrictions in Churches, on School Grounds

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    Texas Passes Ten New Laws Loosening Gun Restrictions in Churches, on School Grounds

    Just before the mass shootings that killed nearly two dozen people earlier this month, Texas passed 10 controversial laws loosening gun restrictions in the Lonestar State. 

    According to NBC News, the new gun rights bills were signed into law by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott before the deadly shooting in El Paso, TX that left 22 people dead. 

    The new laws – which will go into effect next month – will loosen gun restrictions in foster homes, schools and churches among other places. 

    According to House Bill 2363, foster parents are permitted to possess a firearm for personal protection purposes. The bill asserts that foster parents who own guns will no longer be required to store their weapon and ammunition separately. The bill amends this requirement to allow the weapon and munitions to be stored together in the same locked location. 

    This practice is one that the National Shooting Sports Foundation – a pro-gun organization – discourages gun owners from following. 

    Senate Bill 535also loosens restrictions on guns by amending the law to allow those lawfully possessing a firearm to carry it in “a church, synagogue, or other established place of religious worship.” According to the law, the goal of allowing gun owners to carry their firearms in places of worship was to clarify that places of worship are to be treated like other privately-owned property. The law does specify, however, that churches do

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