Thank God for faithful priests, who, like St. Joseph, are often quiet heroes

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    December 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – St. Joseph is often depicted in art or nativity scenes as an old, rather frail-looking man. Regardless of his actual age, though, he was anything but weak. 

    St. Joseph was a carpenter, which means he was likely physically strong. More importantly, he had the strength to remain with Mary even when she became pregnant, but not with his child, and to listen to God and protect the family unit through which the Savior came into and learned about the world. 

    Many of the priests and bishops – representatives of Jesus Christ – who dominated headlines in 2018 may have been powerful and connected, but they certainly didn’t embody authentic masculinity, like St. Joseph did. Some of these newsmakers preyed on those whom they should have guided and protected. Some lied about their actions. Some were found out to have covered up their and their friends’ filthy deeds for decades. When finally exposed, some bloviated about “policies” and issued apologies that can hardly even be called apologies. 

    The real strong men of our time are less noticed than the crooks in cassocks and the menaces in mitres whose actions seem aimed at reducing Holy Mother Church

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