The Antichrist, Anti-American United Nations Needs Money

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    It’s Very Apparent, The Trump Administration Is Not Going to Make the Right Decision, We Have Again Kept the Ungodly Afloat.

    US says it has paid cash-strapped UN $180 million

    The United Nations is enduring its worse cash crisis in nearly a decade

    The iconic water fountain at the UN’s New York headquarters, constructed with funds donated by school children from across the United States in 1952, is currently off because of the cash crisis. AP

    The United States said on Friday it has paid the United Nations $180 million (Dh 661 million) toward its annual dues and expects to make another payment of $96 million within the next few weeks, which should help ease the UN’s cash crisis.

    US deputy ambassador Cherith Norman Chalet, who is in charge of management and reform issues, made the announcement on Friday to the General Assembly’s budget and finance committee.

    She said the United States anticipates making “further contributions in November as well”.

    Last week, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the UN was facing a major cash crisis because 64 of its 193 member nations hadn’t paid their annual dues — Including the United States, its largest contributor.

    The UN chief said the world organization risked depleting its liquidity reserves by the end of October and defaulting on payments to staff and vendors.

    A Real-Life Mad Max Movie Is Coming, Steve Meyers

    He ordered cost-saving measures that took effect on Monday, including canceling meetings, limiting official travel, stopping escalators, reducing heating and air conditioning,

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