The Collapse of America Is Underway

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    How many warnings do you need to hear before you begin to understand what is coming?

    Folks, The economic collapse has already begun. What started in 2008 as the mortgage meltdown has only accelerated since then and things have been going from bad to worse every day. Even though the Trump Administration has done things to improve the economy in America, it’s only a temporary fix in my opinion. The financial terrorism perpetrated by the elite has now spread like a virus throughout the world financial systems.

    There may not be much time left to prepare your family for the final collapse of the world economies as we’ve known them. The Euro has been teetering on total collapse for some time and that the Ponzi scheme will soon come to an end.

    Countries around the world are replacing their politicians with “technocrats” as we’ve seen in Greece and Italy. These are bankers and accountants, people that are NOT accountable to the citizens but instead focused on the technical control of decision making in their countries. In other words, using technology to overcome the shortfalls of democracy.

    Once the Euro collapses, the almighty dollar is next.

    The American taxpayer has already ponied up for banker bailouts, auto-maker bailouts, corporate bailouts, international bank bailouts, and sovereign debt bailouts. State governments are broke and will be wanting a bailout soon. We have witnessed $ millions lost in government loans to bankrupt Washington cronies. The U.S. dollar has been devalued through inflation (FED money

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