The Faith of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

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    The Faith of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

    When I first received the invitation to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the law building at Mercer University, I did not anticipate that I would end up writing a story on Clarence Thomas. In fact, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but after hearing Supreme Court Justice Thomas speak, I felt compelled to share his story.  

    Mercer University is a liberal arts college located in Macon, Ga.  Recently, they built a law building and invited Thomas to speak at its opening.

    Thomas, who was born in rural Georgia, appeared to feel right at home at Mercer University. The crowd he was speaking to was mixed with familiar faces and fellow lawyers. 

    In his speech, Thomas made it clear that not only does he love the law, but he also values his faith and people. Thomas specifically emphasized that his success was made possible only through the support of others; mainly his mother. According to Thomas, his mother still works every day even though she is in her 90s.

    Thomas – who has recently spoken out against abortion – clearly explained that he was concerned about the lack of unity and civility in our current culture. Thomas even exhorted the audience to engage with people that you may not agree with and to engage intelligently. 

    Although Judge Thomas’ speech was electrifying and to the point, it is what happens afterward that struck me. After the speech,

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