‘The Kind of Guy He Takes Home to Mother’: Cottonelle Latest Among Brands Using Homosexuality in Advertising

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    Kimberly-Clark’s toilet paper brand Cottonelle is the latest to use homosexuality in promotional advertising, as one of the commercials in its recently-released “DownThereCare” series centers on advising a man to give himself a “confidence boost” in meeting his partner’s parents for the first time.

    “Down there, because today you meet the parents,” the 15-second advertisement states. “So, before they sit you down, give your [bottom] a confidence boost with ripples that remove more at once for a superior clean, and make you feel like the kind of guy he takes home to mother.”

    It then shows two young men smiling at each other.

    The commercial, also posted to YouTube, has received 70K views as of press time, and has generated over 800 likes and more than 500 dislikes.

    Cottonelle has disabled commenting for the video, but some have posted about the advertisement on Twitter—both positively and negatively.

    “Thank you @cottonelle for supporting my community. You have a new customer,” one viewer wrote.

    “I just went out and bought two jumbo packages and switched over to Cottonelle’s products. Thanks Cottonelle for a stance on diversity,” another stated.

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    “Stick to selling tp and leave the social issues alone,” a third urged.

    “After 20+ years, I’m breaking up with @cottonelle. Too bad. Be aware what you embrace. Be more aware what you promote,” another wrote.

    Cottonelle has replied to at least two commenters, telling one, “No matter a

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