Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Prison..Again

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    Tommy Robinson sentenced to prison yet again. His real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, and he was sentenced to prison for the filming of a Leeds courthouse during a trial of several Muslims accused of grooming young children for sex. This time the charge was contempt of court. [He live-streamed the face of at least one of the men accused of the acts, which the UK says interfered with justice.]

    Screenshot of Tommy Robinson sentencing via twitter

    Keep in mind that Robinson was arrested, tried, and sentenced in ONE day last year. During appeal, his conviction was pronounced “deeply flawed” by the judge (too fast, rushed). The new judge, Dame Victoria Sharp, told Tommy that this time, the court would take into consideration his time in prison previously, which knocked the sentence down to 19 weeks. The full judgment of the British court is at this link.

    Fox noted,

    Robinson, who founded the English Defense League organization, was originally sentenced last year to 13 months in jail after broadcasting the Leeds footage, but was released two months into the term following a successful appeal.

    The case then was referred to Attorney General Geoffrey Cox in May of this year after High Court

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