Toronto Police Arrest Street Evangelist Proclaiming God’s Love

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    Toronto Police Arrest Street Evangelist Proclaiming God’s Love

    Toronto police arrested a street evangelist Tuesday night for preaching on a street corner in the city’s gay village. They released him Wednesday morning but instructed him not to go to the homosexual district or any Pride month events.

    Pastor David Lynn of Christ Forgiveness Ministries gathered with about 12-15 other Christians on a street corner in Christ-Wellesley Village. His made the stop as part of a preaching tour through all 22 districts in Toronto. Another ministry that was present, Torch of Christ, shared a video of the entire event on YouTube and Lynn’s ministry shared a shorter, edited version.

    As the group joined in a circle to pray before Lynn started preaching, a crowd of onlookers started to gather around them. Lynn started preaching on a microphone with a portable speaker, saying, “God is good, God is really good. We are here to offer free information about Jesus to all who would like free information.” The video then cuts to a group beginning to confront Lynn about his preaching. Lynn said he was tolerant of everyone and asked if they would be tolerant of him as a Christian. One man said he did not want Lynn to “spew” his beliefs right on top of them and another said Lynn was disturbing a peaceful neighborhood by preaching with a microphone.

    By the end of Lynn’s time preaching and interacting with the crowd, those opposing him grew more

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