Transgender Professor Defends Celebrating Deaths of Those Deemed ‘Transphobic’

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    The phrase “pride of life” is found only once in the Bible, in 1 John 2:16, but the concept of the pride of life, especially as it is linked with the “lust of the eyes” and the “lust of the flesh,” appears in two more significant passages of Scripture—the temptation of Eve in the Garden and the temptation of Christ in the wilderness (Matthew 4:8-10). The pride of life can be defined as anything that is “of the world,” meaning anything that leads to arrogance, ostentation, pride in self, presumption, and boasting. John makes it clear that anything that produces the pride of life comes from a love of the world and “if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him” (1 John 2:15). 

    A transgender philosophy professor defended herself in a Twitter spat last week following a tweet in which she lauded the death of David Koch: “It’s okay to be happy, even celebrate, when bad people die.”

    Things escalated when, according to The Post & Courier, a Twitter user asked Prof. Rachel McKinnon if that sentiment would apply to “online feminist influencer” Magdalen Berns, who is suffering from terminal brain cancer.

    The College of Charleston academic has had a beef with Berns and has referred to her a “transphobe.”

    Her response:

    Dr. Rachel McKinnon@rachelvmckinnon · Aug 25, 2019Replying to @AdrianHarrop

    Eh, if they’re a trash human actively trying to harm marginalized people because of who they are? I think it’s justified.

    Adrian Harrop @AdrianHarrop

    Do you honestly think

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