How About Transgender Story Time from a Victim?

    Updated: February 26, 2019 at 7:21 pm EST  See Comments

    The nation has been awash in “Drag Queen Story Hours” at local libraries. These, as you might guess, involve men dressed up as garishly adorned women. The obvious goal here is to convince an entire generation of children that transvestites are perfectly normal. It’s a gutter-dragging attempt to define deviancy before most of the children in the library even know what deviancy is.

    Another form of sexual deviancy – it’s “deviant” because it deviates from God’s design for human sexuality – that is sweeping everything before it, is transgenderism. This is a movement to convince males that if they like being a female they can become one. It is a monstrous lie which destroys the innocence of children who have been exposed to it and even destroys transgenders themselves, 41% of whom commit suicide.

    Yet city after city seems determined to grant special rights to sexually confused men and women, with special punishments for anybody – including pastors, churches, teachers, and parents – who would dare to challenge the transgender agenda in the name of sexual normalcy.

    A woman and mother named Tracy posted the following on the Focal Point Facebook page and granted me permission to include it in my column. It is testimony she gave before the Houston city council as they considered an ordinance to grant special rights to transvestites, special rights that would then be used to bludgeon Christian businesses, including daycares, schools, and churches into submission. That we as a culture would celebrate this kind of family-destroying depravity is truly an abomination in every sense of the word. READ MORE

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