Trump Admin. Blasts China on Religious Persecution: ‘The Stain of the Century’

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    Trump Admin. Blasts China on Religious Persecution: ‘The Stain of the Century’

    The Trump administration took a three-pronged approach this week to addressing religious liberty violations around the world, and it aimed much of its critique at a global superpower: China.

    The U.S. State Department hosted leaders from around the world for its second-annual Ministerial To Advance Religious Freedom, with Secretary of State Michael Pompeo labeling China a leading violator of religious freedom. 

    Vice President Mike Pence addressed the assembly and called out China’s “religious persecution,” while President Trump hosted a meeting in the Oval Office with survivors of religious persecution. Among those was Jewher Ilham, whose father is one of more than 1 million Chinese Muslims held in camps, and Manping Ouyang, a Christian whose husband, a pastor, was arrested. 

    “China is home to one of the worst human rights crises of our time,” Pompeo said at the department’s religious freedom conference. “It is truly the stain of the century.”

    China quickly pushed back against the White House.

    “There is no so-called religious persecution in China at all,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said, according to China Daily. “The Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of religious belief in accordance with law.”

    But Pompeo and others within the Trump administration listed evidence. 

    “In China, the Chinese Communist Party demands control over the lives of the Chinese people and their souls,” Pompeo said. “Chinese government officials have even discouraged other countries from attending this very gathering. Is that consistent with the

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