Trump campaign threatens to sue CNN over bias

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    One day after CFL reported a revealing 11-second recording allegedly containing the voice of a CNN production supervisor apparently saying he hopes President Donald Trump dies “soon,” an attorney representing the president’s re-election campaign is vowing to sue the cable network, the Washington Examiner is reporting.

    An attorney for President Trump’s reelection campaign is threatening to sue CNN.

    In a letter to CNN President Jeff Zucker and Executive Vice President David Vigilante, attorney Charles J. Harder wrote, “Never in the history of this country has a President been the subject of such a sustained barrage of unfair, unfounded, unethical and unlawful attacks by so-called “mainstream” news, as the current situation.” The letter is reproduced in its entirety at the Washington Examiner website.

    Fox News is also covering the emerging story.

    By no small coincidence, Rasmussen Reports on Friday revealed the results of a survey that shows 51 percent of likely U.S. voters think it is “likely senior law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency.”

    However, 54 percent of survey respondents “view charges against these officials as unlikely.” By contrast, only 32 percent of likely voters think charges will be brought

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