Trump’s re-shaping of federal courts continues, including Ninth Circuit

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    President Donald Trump is continuing to fulfill one of his more important campaign pledges, re-shaping the federal courts, and Friday he nominated what Fox News called “a slew of judges” to open spots on California-based courts, including two slots on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

    President Trump has nomnated more conservatives to fill federal court vacancies, including slots on the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Reaction from liberals is predictably critical, if not hostile. According to Courthouse News, anti-gun Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris re miffed at the nomination of Patrick Bumatay, currently a federal prosecutor in Southern California and a prior nominee whose first go-round was derailed by Feinstein and Harris, Fox noted.

    This time around, Trump is apparently ignoring traditional “blue slip” objections from senators that have stopped other nominees.

    Despite the fact that Bumatay is openly gay, as noted by both news agencies, the liberal senators don’t want him on the bench. Harris even stated, “A nominee for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench must demonstrate exceptional skill, professionalism and respect for the principle of equal justice under law. Mr. Bumatay does not meet this standard.”

    Both claim Bumatay lacks

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