Two Caught in Act of Defacing North Carolina Church With Satanic Messages

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    Photo Credit: Madison County Sheriff’s Office

    MARSHALL, N.C. — A man and a woman were arrested on Tuesday after being caught by police writing Satanic messages inside of a Baptist church in North Carolina.

    Gavin Beaudet and Kamia Reed have been charged with breaking and entering a place of worship, larceny, resisting a public officer and injury to real property.

    According to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, on June 18, deputies responded to a breaking and entering call at Walnut Creek Baptist Church in Marshall. When they arrived, they found Beaudet and Reed defacing the church with various writings.

    “Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputies located two individuals inside the church that were actively vandalizing and spray painting graffiti on the interior of the church,” the department said in a social media post. “Both of the individuals attempted to flee from deputies. Sheriff’s deputies were able to apprehend both of the individuals.”

    Among the markings on the wall and other locations included “Luci,” short for Lucifer, “Sat,” short for Satan, and “Satan rules” complete with a stick figure with horns.

    One of the vandals was also found with stolen property on his or her person, the sheriff’s office stated.

    “This type of activity will not be tolerated,” Sheriff Buddy Harwood simply remarked.

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    Residents reacted to the incident with dismay, and a number of commenters expressed the hope that the two would turn to Jesus.

    “I would

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