UC Santa Barbara -Students Vote to Disarm Police

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    Isla Vista, CA – The student Senate at UC Santa Barbara have decided that police officers on campus shouldn’t be armed. Why? Because it causes students to “live in perpetual fear and tension” and “it’s bad for student mental health.” Actually, being in the middle of a real live active shooter situation is worse for mental health. If police are not armed, students think they’ll be able to “de-escalate” any situation.

    Sometimes you need bullets to do that.

    In an article by Blue Lives Matter, it was reported that the resolution demanding that campus police be disarmed was passed by the student Senate on Feb 27. The sad thing is that not one member of the student Senate voted against it. In the land of unicorns and fairies, there can be no dissenters.

    The final decision is in the hands of school administrators.

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    Do they seriously think they live in a perfect world and all the bad things that happen are the fault of the police?

    Five years ago, an active shooter named Elliott Rodger murdered six students and wounded 14 others

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